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Zero to Sustainable: How One Developer is Leapfrogging Green Building

May 4, 2:15 PM

Codding Enterprises recently made the provocative announcement that it intends to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions at Sonoma Mountain Village. Come learn how this company is transforming itself into a sustainable developer through some surprising techniques.

Syphers will discuss “treasure hunts,” “flipping,” and other radical ideas that are propelling this long-time Sonoma County firm into sustainable development.

Implementing Sustainability Initiatives: Lessons from Kimpton Hotels

May 4, 2:15 PM

Kimpton Hotels is a San Francisco-based hotel chain with 42 boutique hotels across the United States. In 2005 Kimpton launched EarthCare, a major environmental sustainability program. Two years down the road, EarthCare has proven very successful, both in terms of its environmental and business benefits. Conceiving and launching a sustainability vision or program, however, is only the beginning of a long and rewarding journey. Creating a supportive organizational culture and managing the implementation of such programs is a complex process.

This workshop explores the process used to implement and institutionalize EarthCare and the lessons learned. Presenters will offer a conceptual roadmap of the steps required to successfully implement sustainable business programs.

Can You Afford Solar Energy?

May 4, 2:15PM

Solar electricity is a great way for your enterprise to lower its energy bills and reduce its environmental impact. But is it a sound financial business decision, and can you justify the investment to your owners and investors? This workshop reviews the costs and benefits of solar energy, in financial terms you can use at a board meeting, including payback period and rate of return. Included: practical rules of thumb on cost, rebates, tax incentives, roof space required, and a worksheet.

NOTE: Participants are encouraged to bring PG&E bills from the last 12 months.

Nuts And Bolts Of Going Green

May 4, 2:15PM

In this session, Comras will share his years of experience of greening homes and businesses with ideas and tips for checklists and a walk-through of your operation to see how and where you can become more 'green.' Participants also will go through a process of identifying which areas in their own home, going room by room, can be green, and will be encouraged to share their particular struggles in greening their own homes for the group to work on together.

Increase Your Profits Through Sound Environmental Practices

May 4, 2:15PM

Are you interested in improving your company’s bottom line but find the array of available programs and services difficult to navigate? The Business Environmental Alliance (BEA) will help you wade through the available programs that will best help your company improve environmental efficiency while increasing profitability.

Learn how to get connected with the right experts and other businesses facing similar challenges. Hear about local businesses that have already implemented environmental “best practices” and can provide proven suggestions to help increase profits and decrease resource usage.

BEA Board Members will discuss tangible solutions on topics ranging from developing an environmental policy statement to conducting environmental assessments – small steps towards saving money!

Speakers include BEA Board Members from Agilent Technologies, The Press Democrat, Medtronic, and other local companies that have implemented these best practices and can speak from successful experience.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Planning: Detailed Solutions for Medium and Large Enterprises and Policy Makers

May 4, 2:15PM

Organizations and municipalities that have set a GHG reduction target need a roadmap for achieving those reductions, and a framework to track and verify the progress toward the goal over the life of the plan. This presentation will convey a comprehensive method to de-mystify the GHG Action Planning task, and present solutions as a financial package with attractive internal rates of return (IRR) and net present values (NPV). The tool will be used real-time as participants make choices about fleet energy use, lighting retrofits, etc., and then view the cost implications immediately. This is relevant for municipalities and medium and large enterprises.

How Web 2.0 is Empowering Sustainable Business

May 4, 10:30AM

Web 2.0 is about collaboration, sharing, and accessibility. How is this online revolution empowering Sustainable Business? Participants will learn how start-ups and big businesses alike are using the power of the Web to improve their bottom lines while addressing environmental and social justice issues. See demonstrations of cutting-edge, near-free software that can easily be integrated into your organization to increase collaboration while lowering your organization’s impact on the environment.

Conservation Investing: A Profitable Path towards Sustainability

May 4, 10:30AM

For too long we’ve been told that saving money and energy is not a good investment: “the pay-back period is just too long.” In truth, conservation is often one of the best investments we have available, as returns from saving energy can easily be over 20 percent. In this interactive workshop, participants will discuss the full range of conservation investment options, learn a tool to help evaluate the return of a conservation investment, and enumerate the ecological and cultural benefits of saving money and energy.

Tapping The Power of Shared Vision for a Sustainable Enterprise

May 4, 10:30AM

Without new, inspiring visions of the role of enterprise and business, we will continue to stumble in our search to sustain ourselves while sustaining the natural patterns of life.

This workshop provides a framework for creating purposeful vision and how to use it to tap collective human energy. It will focus on how to develop a vision that unleashes aspirations and commitment toward integration of people, planet, and productivity; enhances or replaces visions based on conventional norms of success with a broader definition; and allows people to speak from the heart; and minimizes resistance to change.

Market-Driven Restoration: Utilizing Business Drive Sustainability and Beyond

May 4, 10:30AM

As forests near extinction and hundreds of cultures and languages disappear every decade, we are compelled to engage ourselves in livelihoods that empower us to restore nature’s abundance. Yet, in this time of growing complexity, there are rarely black and white answers to the toughest questions. This interactive workshop will frame a specific set of issues based on Guayakí’s experience working with an indigenous community in an attempt to raise our awareness, understanding and skill in applying “Sustainable Solutions” that accomplish the goals of the project for all stakeholders.

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