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Christopher Peck

Natural Investment Services

Christopher has many years experience with natural investing, beginning as an investor in Working Assets mutual funds in 1987. In 1998 he began his own firm, Holistic Solutions, teaching classes in holistic financial planning and advising clients on sustainable personal finance. Christopher taught finance in the Green MBA program at New College in Santa Rosa, and co-teaches a business planning class called Sustainable Local Enterprises. He holds the Accredited Asset Management Specialist designation from the College of Financial Planning. Christopher is one of three owners of Natural Investment Services.

Conservation Investing: A Profitable Path towards Sustainability

May 4, 10:30AM

For too long we’ve been told that saving money and energy is not a good investment: “the pay-back period is just too long.” In truth, conservation is often one of the best investments we have available, as returns from saving energy can easily be over 20 percent. In this interactive workshop, participants will discuss the full range of conservation investment options, learn a tool to help evaluate the return of a conservation investment, and enumerate the ecological and cultural benefits of saving money and energy.

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