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Joey Shepp

President, Urth TV

Joey Shepp is founder of, a website design, development, and hosting company with a mission of building a global network of sustainable businesses. He currently serves as the President of Urth.TV, a social media network for the global citizen. Shepp is also co-founder of, a responsible shopping portal. His professional consulting work in business, marketing and technology has included major players in the sustainable economy movement, including: Global Exchange, Coop America, Green Festivals, Fantastic Foods, Julia Butterfly Hill, GreenMBA, WholeLife,,, and more.

How Web 2.0 is Empowering Sustainable Business

May 4, 10:30AM

Web 2.0 is about collaboration, sharing, and accessibility. How is this online revolution empowering Sustainable Business? Participants will learn how start-ups and big businesses alike are using the power of the Web to improve their bottom lines while addressing environmental and social justice issues. See demonstrations of cutting-edge, near-free software that can easily be integrated into your organization to increase collaboration while lowering your organization’s impact on the environment.

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